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The scope and brief for this job was huge. I had to create a large library of images for Draft FCB NYC’s client. I was working alongside and in conjunction with the TVC and we both had an enormous amount of shots to cover. I was given time at the end of key set ups where the set was handed over to myself and my team to create the images the client required; this gave me the opportunity to fine tune and direct the talents performances specific to the print requirements. I had to work fast and loved the challenge  of ensuring that I got the images and kept the shoot moving so we came in on time which, in TVC land, means on budget.

Arleen D’Amico (client) Draft FCB, NYC USA

“Virginia and I collaborated on a TV/print project for a major client last year. She was professional, personable and delivered beautiful imagery. She blended easily both with agency and TV production crew. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Virginia again.”  2011

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