This was a dream job for me, the clients gave me a great amount of creative input at every stage. Being able to work closely with the art director on the content of the images, briefing of the casting agent, art department etc and being consulted on all aspects of the preproduction from here in NZ made arriving in Perth to shoot the campaign incredibly smooth. We worked with found talent and were given empty hospital rooms or blank locations to work with.  Every set up was to convey a scenario where having health insurance would help to ease a stressful situation. The talent  were given the scenarios and all did excellant jobs of conveying the emotions of the situation brilliantly.  The agency and the team we pulled together worked incredibly hard and  to create  a suite of images that look like we stumbled across them, natural and effortless  but which were both art directed and directed by myself  down to the very last detail.


Kurt Beaudoin (Client) Meerkats, Perth Australia

“We first found Virginia when searching for the right photographer for the press component of our Cannes Silver Lion winning campaign for HBF. We checked out every photographer of note across Australia and New Zealand and thought Virginia had the most authentic, real work we had seen. Watching Virginia work was a treat. She has a very unique way of working with her assistant and some high-tech software where they’re able to direct talent and adjust technical aspects simultaneously to capture real and beautiful images. She’s very good at working with talent to get them to bring out emotion in a very real way as well”


All Images © Copyright Virginia Woods-Jack 2019

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